Dispensaries Track California’s Most Popular Marijuana Strains

California often goes its own way compared to the rest of the United States, and sometimes the state blazes new trails that everybody else follows.

What do Californians smoke? The top 5 strains in the state, for now, include a few that are familiar in most places, like Blue Dream (which is No. 1 in California), Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4, a strain originally developed in Nevada that recently was at the center of a trademark legal case involving a real glue called Gorilla Glue for sale at hardware stores (and not dispensaries).

Kosher Kush Marijuana Strain Rises at Dispensaries, Wholesale Market

But then comes Kosher Kush, which between March and September of this year was the No. 5 strain across California, according to marijuana market research leader BDS Analytics. The strain is fast-rising. Sales of $284,000 in March leapt to $1.3 million in September. During the month of September alone, in fact, Kosher Kush was the No. 2 strain in the state, behind perennial No. 1 Blue Dream.

The super-strong strain (tested at up to 29 percent THC), developed in Los Angeles, has not caught on nationwide, although it does rank within the top 15 strains in Colorado. But more and more growers in California are nurturing the strain, and the wholesale market for Kosher Kush is growing. Among other things, Kosher Kush sells as a premium strain — of top 15 strains in California, the by-the-gram price for Kosher Kush, at $11.61, is the highest. The average price for a gram of flower in California between March and September was $9.53. It also is priciest of the top strains in Colorado, but still much cheaper than in California. In Colorado, the average gram of Kosher Kush sells for $7.60.

Californians are Crazy for Indica Marijuana Strains

And no surprise, Kosher Kush is an indica. Compared to marijuana consumers in Colorado, Washington and Oregon, those in California are the most indica-crazed of all. In California, consumers gave indica strains the biggest slice of the marijuana pie, with 26 percent of sales, compared to 18 percent for sativa (hybrid strains are No. 1, as in all states, with 56 percent of sales in California). By comparison, Coloradans spend enough on sativa for it to command 25 percent of the flower market, compared to 20 percent for indica.

As California prepares for full recreational legalization in 2018, dispensaries and wholesale growers are scrutinizing strain sales data and getting ready for a cannabis marketplace that is even more effervescent (much more so) than the one we enjoy today. Time will tell if the current line-up of popular strains persists once everybody 21 or older can step into a dispensary and walk away with an eighth of Kosher Kush.

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