Released one month ago, our line of Fun Uncle Hash has already been a hit with dispensaries, customers and budtenders.

One of the oldest ways of smoking cannabis, hash, or hashish, is a concentrated flower product made from the resin of the cannabis plant. The old-school king of cool, hash is one of the most potent ways to enjoy cannabis.

We make our strain specific hash in-house at Caliva from our own indoor-grown material. Using quality cannabis matters.

“Hash is all about the input. Hash requires high-quality materials. It’s less forgiving than other extracts,” says Caliva Extractions Supervisor Geno Guerrero.

We’ve been perfecting ice-water (or bubble-melt) hash production for three years, and it shows in the final product: golden, paste-like, Grade A hash. Packaged as part of the Fun Uncle line, you can’t find hash this good at our price point.

VIDEO: Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we make out Grade A ice-water hash at Caliva:

Fun Uncle Hash is:

  • Grade A hash at an affordable price
  • Made with strain-specific, indoor-grown material: Purple Punch, Z-Cube, Sour Diesel Lemon Kush, Whooody and Strawberry Banana, to name a few
  • Terpene-rich: Luscious smell and flavor
  • Made with a lot of care — and labor

Want to bring the old-school cool of hash to your customers? Email us at

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