At Caliva, we saw products fly off the shelves in the first few weeks of adult use sales. Those sales included many favorite in-house products like flower and pre-rolls. The success of many of those sales stemmed from the cultivation of our in-house team. Their work, and Caliva’s company-wide commitment to product excellence helps navigate our success in California.

Without our in-house strains, Caliva would miss an essential element of its business.

The Importance of In-House Strains

Vertical integration is key to Caliva’s success. It was a goal from the beginning for Caliva. In doing so, the company could control the quality of its products all in-house. To achieve the goal, cultivating high-quality strains in-house had to be one of the key milestones. Caliva Director of Agricultural Science Ryan Brantley called it “the most important part of the business model that Caliva has developed in the last few years.”

The evolution of the company’s operations and offerings helped cement its position as the #1 trusted brand in cannabis. Brantley explained that “By growing, testing, and selling our flower all in one place Caliva has evolved into a vertically-integrated business that leads the industry in compliance, safety, and quality in the U.S.’s largest adult use and medical markets.”

Cultivation goes beyond the flower. From prerolls to rosin, in-house strains help fuel some of the most popular products in our dispensary and other dispensaries in California. These strains help solidify Caliva as a brand in and out of our San Jose location. With quality flower and superb products, Caliva’s name extends its reach across California. In doing so, it acquires more consumers and a foothold as a trusted brand.

Today, Caliva offers between five and six primary strains of cannabis. Customers should keep an eye out; that number could soon change according to Brantley. “We have been pheno-hunting as well for the last few months and have some exciting new releases that we will be ramping up over the next year. We are also seeking to add more of the latest highly sought-after cuts to our production.”

What Caliva Looks for in a Strain

Growing isn’t enough. Any dispensary in California can grow if it goes through the proper steps. Instead, for Caliva, the grows have to be excellent. They have to be some of the finest strains around. Only the finest yields come up for consideration at Caliva. The in-house grown, indica dominant Alien OG leaves you with an earthy, citrus flavor and a potency that hovers between 26%-28% THC.

For Sativa consumers, BlackJack, which is the offspring of Jack Herer and Black Domina has been a crowd pleaser. Brantley acknowledged BlackJack, as well as Candyland and White Buffalo, as some of the most popular cultivars according to sales and customer feedback. He added, “[BlackJack] gets extremely positive feedback with it’s intense smell reminiscent of Jack Herer that fills any space almost instantly whenever ripe flowers of it are present.”

A strain has to prove that it isn’t a flash in the grow room before it reaches the sales counter. It has to show that it is a consistent, reliable strain. Brantley and his team put each piece of flower through a rigorous inspection that critiques the gamut of marijuana quality assurance. “Quality, production, and performance in our facility are the primary factors to becoming a widely grown cultivar in our collection,” Brantley explains. “Yield, bud structure, terpene profile, and bag appeal are also important factors for strain selection.”

Brantley noted that “I love cultivars that have a loud smell, delicious taste/terpene profile, and high potency,” Brantley listed essential traits, adding that, “Strains that fit all these criteria are often the most consistent and pleasurable forms of cannabis available.” His choices align well with the company brand by embodying some of its characteristics in the strains. With a bold profile that’s rich in taste with a high potency, Caliva aims to give each consumer the next level product not every dispensary in California can provide. Whether in the San Jose location or elsewhere, when a customer sees Caliva, they should know they are getting the best product available.

Here’s What to Look Out For

The production never stops at Caliva. New and mainstay strains are slated to hit shelves in the coming weeks. Both medical and adult use customers have exciting options coming out soon.

Brantley explained, “We are currently releasing Alien OG that tested at 26.5% potential THC. It is very earthy on the nose, with a fuely OG-scent on the finish that comes through when consumed.” In addition to Alien OG, he added that “Coming up next we have superior Ken’s GDP, more high-quality BlackJack and an exciting new CBD strain called Hurkle that is sure to please our members with medical needs.”

While supply chains have been disrupted for dispensaries across California, in-house has not had much of a change to date. The lack of change is helpful as new regulations currently add to product lead times. With production full steam ahead in early 2018, cultivar development represents just one of the many exciting avenues for Caliva in the early days of California marijuana legalization.

Strain growth and selection will continue to be a primary focal point as the business scales. Whether in San Jose or at other dispensaries in California, Caliva’s strains represent the brand’s commitment to providing the finest products for consumers on the market.

– By Andrew Ward

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