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Cannabis Compliance 101 Webinar 1

Our first webinar  focused on Cannabis Compliance and the emergency regulations that went into place on 1/1/18. The Q&A style session centered around what Cultivators, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers need to do ASAP to stay compliant in the new year.

Cannabis Compliance 101 Webinar 2

Our second webinar looked at steps moving forward to obtain an annual license while continuing to answer looming questions regarding the emergency regulations. In this short period of time there are still so many uncertainties and remaining questions and our compliance team has done a fantastic job of taking these on.

Webinar questions ranged from cultivation and distribution questions to manufacturing in retail. With so many questions surrounding customer sample programs, we took the time to explain those changes on our B2B blog.

Get a Checklist

The webinars focused much of their time on the important checklists needed to obtain an annual license. If you are a Cultivator, Manufacturer, Distributor, or Retailer; we have checklists available.

Please inquire here about obtaining a checklist for obtaining an annual license.

During each of the webinars, we discussed the resources we use in order to stay compliant, learn about upcoming regulatory changes, track and trace training, and licensing checklist resources. Please find our most used links below:

Please stay tuned for an upcoming webinar, guidance with signing up for Metrc, and more fantastic resources!

As always, please contact us if you have compliance questions or if you’d like to partner with Caliva.

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