Science has served as one of Caliva’s foundations since we launched, and its importance in all that we do has only expanded as compliance regulations have been enacted. Every year, we make larger investments in equipment, technologies, and brain power. Starting three years ago, we founded Caliva Labs in order to ensure our products and others’ were safe, tested, and high quality. The point of Caliva Labs in today’s legal market? To continually boost our knowledge about this majestic plant, and to create innovative products that take advantage of the plant’s manifold benefits to health, well-being, and society.

Mike Vu, our Vice President of Research Science, has been key to establishing Caliva Labs. Vu is intensely attentive to details, science-strong, creative, skilled at management, and attuned to consumer desires. We could go on, but we think you get the point. Recently, Vu sat down with two popular podcast creators and pot enthusiasts to talk about the science behind Caliva’s plants.

Cannabis Research: The Focus of Caliva Podcast Interview

The hosts of America’s PotCast recently spent more than 40 minutes chatting with Mike Vu about all that we do, science-wise, at Caliva.

Among other things, Vu talks about:

  • The “magical marriage between science and art that is beautiful at Caliva.” Vu talks not just about the importance of Caliva’s PhDs and scientists, but also of the team members with more in-depth and historical knowledge about cannabis strains, effects, aromas, and more. The combination, says Mike, leads to the best product development.
  • The importance of regulatory preparedness, which was highlighted on July 1 when California regulators bid the grace period goodbye. Vu talks about how Caliva was super-prepared for the pivot from Phase 1 to Phase 2 regulations, and how the company now is holding meetings to prepare for Phase 3, which doesn’t kick in until December 31.
  • He also discusses Caliva’s deep investment in testing equipment, which dramatically speeds-up product development compared to manufacturers that don’t invest in these technologies. While all products must undergo third-party testing before hitting shelves, Caliva is able to perform testing throughout the R&D process, rather than constantly sending out samples for testing (and then waiting weeks or more for results). The investments have made Caliva a uniquely nimble engine of cannabis product development.
  • Fantastic consumer response to the new Reef Leaf product — a re-sealable pouch full of pre-ground flower and meant for joint-rolling. The product hit Caliva’s dispensary shelves at 9 a.m. on a Saturday, and was sold-out before noon.
  • The importance of data and working to develop products for everybody — from those who seek micro-dosing options to seniors who are new to cannabis.

Interested in the places where science, product development and cannabis intersect? Listen in iTune’s Podcast app or simply online.

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