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Caliva excitedly entered into the rosin marketplace recently with our first two artisanal products: Classic Jack and Day Dream rosin. The move makes sense for Caliva as the demand for rosin increased in recent years. Rolling Stone even dubbed it a full-fledged rosin revolution just a few months back.

While the demand for rosin is on the rise, it is far from a new entry to the marketplace. Solvents and small-yield solvent-free extraction are both well-known to marijuana users. However, at Caliva, we wanted to go the artisanal route.

Allow us to introduce you to Fresh Squeeze.

What to Expect Out of Fresh Squeeze Rosin

Caliva’s Product Dev. Supervisor Nelson Ricardo told us that the key is in Caliva’s solventless heat extraction. After joining the team about a year and a half ago, Ricardo began working on potential rosin products. “With heat extraction, we were able to achieve a product that looks super clean and amazing.” With that development came Caliva’s first limited batch rosin sold exclusively at our San Jose dispensary.

In short order, customers began raving about the 60-70% effective rosin that smelled just like the cannabis flower it came from. With Classic Jack, Ricardo noted how customers loved Caliva’s Sativa strain. “Classic Jack is made out of Black Jack, our in-house strain that we grow – it’s beautiful and tropical with mango aromas. People really like it. When we convert it to rosin, you still get the same aroma and flavor”

Ricardo and the team also had a goal that only a potent hybrid can achieve. “With, Day Dream we wanted a hybrid strain that smells good and gets you uplifted that then eases you down. So, we chose two strains: Blue Dream and Dream Queen.”

The innovation isn’t stopping for Ricardo and the Caliva product development team either. An Indica hybrid is next on deck for the team, which could be coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest developments.

Consistency is Key

Making quality artisanal rosin involves several details that could make or break your yield. For Nelson Ricardo and the Caliva team, they knew the prime attention had to be on the foundation of any superior product: quality. Without it, Fresh Squeeze wouldn’t gain a bit of traction in the marketplace.

Caliva’s Product Development Supervisor Nelson Ricardo leads the artisan process of making Fresh Sqeeze.

“The first goal I was trying to achieve was quality. In my mind, I figured if a product starts out good, customers are going to follow it because they like it.”

To achieve this level of success, Caliva began with small batches. If the quality were there, Ricardo and the team would expand to a more substantial yield and evaluate its quality. This stage revealed the hardships and lengthy process that goes into making artisanal rosin. “When you have a product that’s so finicky, so delicate, you can’t walk away and, boom, have quality rosin,” Ricardo explained.

While creating a personal batch for yourself takes a few minutes or less, a yield to satisfy Caliva customers takes anywhere from a day to day and a half to complete.

Today, the process remains the same for Ricardo. His work consists of surveying small samples of trim to examine the trichomes and their formation — searching for perfectly formed, clear trichomes that aren’t too late. If they fail to meet any of the criteria, they are removed from the process. Those that make it through are then made into bubble hash using a water extraction method. The shaken materials sifted from the multiple filler bags are then dried and collected for pressing. The process seems simple enough for anyone with the right tools. Yet, the secret is in the application. As Ricardo noted, the key is knowing how much pressure to apply and for how long.

The Future of the Concentrates Market

The concentrates market is expanding at a healthy rate. Solvent extracted concentrates now share shelf space with solvent-free options at an increasing rate. That, however, doesn’t mean that one form of extraction will dominate the market. Instead,  as recreational marijuana use grows, Ricardo sees the market act like the wine industry. “There’s always going to be connoisseurs that want fresh, news aromas.”

Ricardo envisions a future where both extraction methods work alongside one another to satisfy the entire market. This future appears especially true as solvent-free extraction requires more time to produce. “Everything needs to be scalable,” Ricardo elaborated. “To satisfy that faster production demand, you’ll need solvent extractions for faster production. For example, if you want a strawberry flavor, there isn’t enough natural flavors in the state. That’s why they create synthetic flavors to meet the demand.” Regardless the method, Ricardo has some advice for anyone looking to enter the space “It’s a simple process that takes time, dedication and love.”

Now, aren’t you ready to try some artisanal rosin? Head here to see where you can purchase near you, or visit us in San Jose, to get your hands on some today.

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