The budtender is the front facing person for your retail dispensary as well as the entire cannabis category. Budtender training is a layered strategy that should combine general cannabis education with dynamic product education that drives sales and speaks to individual customer preferences. Our San Jose retail space was voted #1 in the Nation by Business Insider and we take pride in our multi-layered approach to budtender training. As the cannabis industry grows, so does job availability and access to skilled, highly trainable people.

What is Cannabis?

It’s best to start with the basics. Not all budtenders come to the space with a breadth of cannabis literacy. At Caliva, we start with the basics. Our Guide to Cannabis and glossary cover the gamut of cannabis knowledge. Keeping concepts simple and easy to explain not only add value to the customer experience, but also give staff a solid framework for recommending products.

Product Training Made Easy

At Caliva we find dynamic training works best. Not every brand can come in for extensive budtender training and it’s also a logistical ordeal to schedule staff while keeping your sales floor operating. As we distribute our flower and consumer packaged goods statewide, we understand the challenges surrounding proper product training. We’ve turned to the trusty internet for our training and utilized an interactive format to keep budtenders engaged and excited during this process. Click here for a sample of our online trainings. Here’s a sneak peek at successful content:

  • Videos – There’s nothing more engaging than videos. It’s a quick, fun look at product that includes technical information.

  • Use cases – It’s easy to sell something when you know how people want to use it.


  • Quizzes – Who doesn’t love a good quiz? These quizzes also serve as an excellent way to capture budtender emails and provide incentive for engaged staff. Biggest perk? Excellent way for product knowledge retention.

Budtenders are the front line for all things cannabis, product, and brand awareness and keeping them educated and informed is key for success across the cannabis industry. It’s also key in your company’s brand awareness and overall success in the retail space.







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