The time is near. 420 is the cannabis industry’s signature holiday with dispensaries seeing a huge spike in traffic, sales, and programming. As a retailer, it’s pertinent to get your inventory prepared for the influx of cannabis enthusiasts. Caliva is not only your trusted wholesale partner, but also a retailer with the data and insights to help you make data driven decisions for your retail space.

Customer Data/Traffic
Caliva saw record number last year on 420 with a 250% increase in foot traffic. Our 1/1 recreational rollout celebration saw a 300% increase in traffic. That said, we expect at least 1,500 people through the door on 420.    

Average Order Size (AOS) is higher for us on these celebratory days and we saw a $5 increase in spending from these enthusiastic customers. What does this mean for you? Stock up and staff up! 

420 Product Breakdown

Be them a hardcore connoisseur or a casual user, 420 is a day that reminds us all that marijuana is indeed legal and we love it. It’s a chance for customers to stock up on their favorite products and a chance for retailers to introduce them to new products. Here’s a look back at 420 2017 at Caliva: 

Flower Sales Soar

Last year Flower remained supreme at Caliva on 420 capturing 63% of sales vs. the 48% it held down the whole year.  That 15% bump was led by Caliva’s in-house flower; Dream Queen and Alien OG

Pre-Rolls for the Win

The top selling products on 420 were all in the pre-roll family. These easy add-ons sold like wildfire with the Hybrid Doobie the clear choice for many customers. Caliva’s Super Session, an infused preroll, is a fan favorite at Caliva due to its higher potency and approachable price. 

What to expect in 2018 on 420: 

  • An increase in traffic so stock up on everything.
  • Pre-roll add ons all day! Train your staff to upsell a pre-roll at checkout, it makes all the difference in the day’s AOS.
  • Infused pre-rolls are a great basket add. We saw their sales increase 75% in 2018.
  • Vape sales on the rise: We’ve seen Vape sales go from 21% of total sales in 2017 to 30% in 2018. We expect that to increase more!
  • Stock up on accessories; Accessories jumped from 5.3% of all sales in Q4 of 2017 to 11.3% on 1/1/18. 

Caliva has you covered for all of these product needs. From flower, to pre-rolls, to vapes, we got you! Email us now to put in an order and get you set up before 420!

Download your 420 Guide Today:

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